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Sister vs. Sister

Soon, a police officer showed up to the scene, as did Mama. She had to leave work to come check on us, and still wore her white plastic apron and hairnet. Below the hairnet the pencil-drawn eyebrows were furrowed, she was very angry.


Pictured, in earlier years: My sister Annette, my brother Troy, my sister Norma Jean and me.

When I was six, we had the misfortune of living in an old farmhouse located across the street from the local high school. I was the youngest of four children, with two sisters who were nine and twelve years older than I, and a brother who was only eighteen-months my senior. It was as if my mother had given birth to two sets of warring opposites. Read more…


The Road Home, Part 2


Pictured: Me with a relative (Sherry) who stopped by while we were stranded in our truck in the parking lot. They were unable to help us.

Hope enveloped me, and excitement coursed through my body as I realized that, though I had traveled a great distance, the trip was far from over. In fact, it had only just begun.

I sat with my back against the cab of the truck, as far away from the traffic as possible. I drew my knees into my chest and rested my head on my arms. “God, I need you,” I began. My prayer was interrupted, or perhaps answered, when lights unexpectedly shone on our truck. I could hear the faint sound of my father talking with someone, and then he called to us.

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The Road Home, Part 1

20131112_112625I hate them, I thought. I hate them and I hate my life.


I fell back onto the array of cardboard boxes that had been tossed haphazardly into the back of our old Ford pickup, and tried very hard not to cry. The edges of the boxes that held my family’s possessions jabbed into my back mockingly, a constant reminder of how temporary my life had always been. I laid back and watched the sun set dimly through homemade, wooden side rails on the truck, and marveled at how even a sunset could lose its luster when seen through slats of hopelessness. Read more…

Accidental Target, Part 2

“A young girl next door was walking along that road right there,” the officer said …“She was shot in the neck … It looks like you were the only one shooting.”

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An Entitled Generation


Our longing to be “friends” with our children has led to the evolution of an entitled generation. We have denied them nothing for so long that the moment they are denied anything in life they crumble. Not allowing our children to face adversity has left them without resilience or the ability to “roll with the punches”.

I’ve been thinking lately about my evolution as a parent. Parenting is hard, and none of us earn a perfect score. I think I learn something new every day from the families I encounter along the way and through my own life experiences. There certainly seem to be some clearly defined divisions in the population when it comes to parenting. Forgive me if it seems I am over-simplifying here, we all know there is nothing simple about parenting.

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