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Accidental Target, Part 2

“A young girl next door was walking along that road right there,” the officer said …“She was shot in the neck … It looks like you were the only one shooting.”

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Accidental Target

20131112_112938The day my father shot the neighbor’s child was just like any other warm, September day in the South.

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Moving Day

There is a certain level of awkwardness that attaches itself to pre-pubescent girls, but that level goes through the roof when you are a shy, studious, poverty-stricken pre-pubescent girl new to school.

This week I helped my son move into his new home, as I have every blazing hot August for the past four years. He is the proverbial college student, so I suppose this consistent residence turnover is to be expected. It seems he is always looking for a new and better living arrangement, and not necessarily so that he can study better.

Did I mention I really hate moving?  As I helped pack and move an unbelievable amount of belongings this week, I was reminded of my transient, dysfunctional childhood, and of my father’s search for home. Read more…

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