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Broken Gifts

It was supposed to be a simple task, really. Everyone always tells me that I simply must share my story, I must write the book. The time seemed to have come. I thought it would be a matter of just telling what happened, beginning to end–the end. A neat package. What I have discovered in allowing myself to revisit the past, is that inside the neatly wrapped boxes of memories are broken gifts. What I put away is different than what I have unwrapped. I am finding new truths,  new understanding and it is emotionally exhausting. Perhaps the reason I am so forgiving is because I have completely blocked out parts of my past, maybe it is better to not conjure those things. This is a journey, a discovery of things long buried. A discovery of truths that heal. And to think they said “just write”.


The Power of Words


People like us don’t go to college. At least that’s what Mama always told me.

Somewhere along the way, my parents became convinced of this lie. Neither of my parents wanted me to go to college, in fact, earning a high school diploma seemed optional in our home. Mama dropped out of high school in the eleventh-grade so that she could marry our father, who had dropped out of high school in the ninth-grade. Read more…

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