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Faith Walk

Cool mountain air rushed past our faces as we followed the narrow, rocky trail framed with green fern and smooth Aspen. We could hear the sound of rushing waters in the distance, and we knew our destination was near. Suddenly, the trail seemed to end at a small stream lined in dark rocks. The small cascade of water flowing smoothly over rocks almost didn’t even count as a waterfall. The scene was beautiful, but not the majestic flow we had all expected. We had driven well over an hour in rough, mountainous terrain before we had even begun to hike. The disappointment was palpable.

“I thought it would be bigger,” someone said.

“Is this it?” someone else asked.

I thought back to the photo I saw on the internet, the picture of water tumbling off of a mountain, and said:  “There has to be more-this isn’t it.”

We continued up the trail, panting in the thin air and struggling on a path which had grown to be even more steep and uneven. Before long, our suspicions were confirmed, and we heard the roar of a greater body of water in the distance. Our excitement began to build until we arrived in a small clearing, and before us the forest suddenly revealed a living waterfall, tumbling 175 feet over rocks which seemed to be placed artistically in perfect formation. The scene was nothing short of breathtaking, and very much worth our efforts.

Immediately, I wondered- how many times have we given up too soon, and settled for what came first, with the least effort?  How many times have we taken a different path because we doubted what it was we first set out to achieve, what we knew to be true in the first place? How often have we faltered, because the trail was hard and we were unsure of where it would lead? I watched the water tumble over the rocks, energy and life flowing down the mountain, and was at once reminded of how insignificant my plans, my efforts without the guidance of our Father. His work is perfection, mine without Him simply manmade-a cheap imitation. In Him, we are never disappointed.


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