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My Daughter, the World Traveler


In May of this year my nineteen year-old daughter traveled to Bhutan, a beautiful closed country which borders China and India. Why Bhutan? In the past six years she has visited Mexico several times, The Canary Islands, El Salvador, and Los Angeles with a missions group from our church. This year, as a freshman in college, she found an opportunity to travel with some of the Univeristy basketball team to teach basketball to the youth of Bhutan.

You have to understand what this opportunity meant to my adventurous, youngest child. Read more…


The Beginning

Sometimes I dream of my childhood, and sometimes there are nightmares.

usI dream of pre-school mornings spent outside in the sun with Tonka trucks and roads created by a garden hoe in the sand, my brother more often than not nearby. Our feet kick up the sand on tanned legs as we drive the Tonka trucks on newly paved roads in the sand pile near our back door. I can smell the bleach emanating from beyond the weathered screen door, which is latched shut to keep us out while our mother cleans.

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Faith Walk

Cool mountain air rushed past our faces as we followed the narrow, rocky trail framed with green fern and smooth Aspen. We could hear the sound of rushing waters in the distance, and we knew our destination was near. Suddenly, the trail seemed to end at a small stream lined in dark rocks. The small cascade of water flowing smoothly over rocks almost didn’t even count as a waterfall. The scene was beautiful, but not the majestic flow we had all expected. We had driven well over an hour in rough, mountainous terrain before we had even begun to hike. The disappointment was palpable.

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